Who we are

Mindful Living is our Passion

With us you can expect balanced-healthy, Asian-inspired cuisine with street food character. Our vegan dishes are prepared fresh daily with lots of love. Fruit and vegetables are sourced from regional sustainable farmers and thus support local agriculture.


We love to serve you vegan asian quality food. It`s healthy premium food without any glutamat & other chemicals, freshly prepared with natural ingredients. We use raw mountain pink salt, less agave sirup or jaggery for sweetening and sparing natural high quality oils and virgin coconut oil from Sri Lanka to give you a light, energetic feeling after meal.


Bringing asian food on a higher quality level, pure, clean and healthy, served in a nice restaurant ambient with anleaning to an exiting asian nightmarket athmosphere to give you an unforgettable experience. We only use premium raw materials for our kitchen. Many of them come from our own product range or are supplied by Terra Naturkost Handels KG. Transparency is important to us: you are welcome to view our delivery bills from Terra Naturkost Handels KG.


Opening hours

Monday – Saturday

14:00 – 22:00

Monday – Saturday
14:00 – 21:30


U7 / U8 to Hermannplatz and 2 minutes on foot

M29 to Hermannplatz/Urbanstraße and 5 minutes on foot

Arrival by car
parking is available in the area around Hermannplatz